Kimberly Anne Scott: Death Rumors, Age, Net Worth, Facts About Eminem’s Ex Wife.

If you don’t know, Kimberly Anne Scott is Eminem’s ex-wife and mother of his daughters. Many say she’s the love of his life. Why do you ask? Well, the two have a long and complicated past ranging from crazy love to raging hate. We’ll explain

Her Troubled Relationship With Eminem

Kimberly Anne Scott and Eminem met in 1987 at a house party; he was standing on a table rapping LL Cool J’s “I’m Bad.” When they were 15, Kim and her sister ended up moving in with Eminem and his mom after running away from home; this was the beginning of a rather complicated relationship. About two years after moving in together, Marshall and Kim started dating.

In 1995 their daughter Hailie was born this put a lot of pressure and their relationship, they moved out of Marshall’s mums into their place Eminem was trying to be the best father and keep the family together. They ended up breaking up somewhere in 1996. Eminem’s ex-wife ended up living with Hailie in a one-room apartment.

Eminem with his ex-wife Kimberly Anne Scott and their daughter Hallie.
Eminem with his ex-wife Kimberly Anne Scott and their daughter Hailie.

The lovebirds couldn’t stay apart. They reconciled and got married in 1999, but sadly the marriage only lasted for two years, and they got divorced in 2001 after Kim Mathers filed for divorce.

Eminem and Kim got married second times.
Eminem and Kim got married second times.

Now although Eminem went on to say that he would rather “have a baby through his penis than get married again,” the two started dating again in 2005 and got married again in 2006.

This was their happy ending, right? Not exactly. Eminem filed for divorce about four months later, and as you probably already guessed, the ended up divorced again.

After getting married for second time to Kimberly Scott, Eminem Filed for divorced as things didn't went well.

There was some tension and dissing for a while, but the pair finally made up. Eminem went on to say he loves her because she is the mother of his daughter, but that they’ll never be together. Now they’re on good terms and work at being the best parents they can be.

So, is their romance over? Will they just be friends? We wouldn’t rush to any conclusions. Their relationship has spanned over three decades.

Though they’ve been through a lot of rough patches and hated each other as much as they’ve loved, perhaps love will still triumph and maybe one day… hey, we never say never.

Lawsuits: She Filed a $10 Million Lawsuit against Eminem. Ouch!!

Kim sued Eminem for “causing emotional distress” in the song “Kim” in 2000, we see the point, the song ends with her murder.

As if that wasn’t enough Eminem performed the song at one of his concerts and assaulted a blow-up doll that looked like Kim, he ended up going home and slitting her wrists.

Kim Mathers and Eminem were also involved in mean custody for five-year-old Hailie at the time. They ultimately agreed to joint custody though, as we know Hailie’s father is very much involved in his life.

Kimberly Anne Scott’s Kids with Different Partners

Did You know Hailie Scott is the only daughter of Eminem with Kim? Kimberly Anne Scott had another daughter named Whitney Scott Mathers with Eric Hatter when they were in a short relationship. She was later adopted by Eminem (looks like he has a very spot for the family regardless of blood).

Rumor has it that Kim has a son, Parker Scott. But we can’t confirm how old he is or who his father is.

Alaina Marie Mathers (born Amanda Mathers) isn’t Kim’s biological daughter but she an Eminem took her in because of her mother Dawn’s drug problems.

Look, no matter how rocky and complicated Kim and Eminem’s relationship has bee, one thing we can say for sure is that they’re amazing people and great parents, anyone would be lucky to have them as the family.

Troubled Life, Drug Use, Legal Issues

Now you’ve probably already figured out that two 15-year-olds running away from home to live with another teenager and his mom are signs of a not so stable home.

That’s right. Apparently, Kim and her sister were abused by their stepfather who was an alcoholic. Not much more is known about their childhood, and there is no verification for how honest their accounts were.

eminem ex-wife kimberly anne scott in custody
Caption:- Kimberly Anne Scott in custody

In July 2001 Kim was arrested for public disturbance while riding a jet ski intoxicated. The police also found cocaine in her backseat while escorting her to jail.

Fast forward 2015, she was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and pills. Yikes.

She slammed into a pole with her car and as it turns out, her actions were intentional as she was attempting to commit suicide. Luckily for her, she was spared jail time by being sentenced to 12 months’ probation and paying a fine of $900.

Family: Her Sister Dawn Scott.

We’ve already mentioned that Kim has a twin sister named Dawn. Unfortunately, Dawn passed away in 2016 from an apparent heroin overdose.

Kimberly Anne Scott Mather's Sister Dawn Scott
Kimberly Anne Scott Mather’s Sister Dawn Scott

She has stated that she was estranged from her sister at the time of her death, but she was nonetheless heartbroken when she found out. Her mother is Kathleen Sluck, and her father is Casimer Sluck.

Short Bio

Her full name is Kimberly Anne Scott, but many still know her as Kimberly Mathers. Well, there’s more to Kim than her troubled past and rocky relationship with Eminem. Although we don’t know exactly what her career is, she’s apparently worth $2 million.

We speculate this could be from compensation and child support from her ex-husband. Kim still lives in Michigan close to her daughter.

A long way from her poor Michigan origins, she lives in an impressive home in the suburbs of Macomb, Michigan.

She has said that money can alienate you from the people you love, and her sister was found dead in a trailer park. This may just be proof that money is not the key to happiness, but it may go a long way.

With her brown hair and blue eyes, it’s easy to see where Hailie gets most of her looks from. Born January 9, 1975, she’s a Capricorn.

Kimberly Anne Scott Death Rumors.

Now, although she’s had two known suicide attempts, she’s doing a lot better. Her Death rumors spread after her several suicide attempts. She attended her daughter Hailie’s crowning as homecoming queen. Since she is not a Superstar celebrity like her ex-husband, she didn’t have to watch from behind the scenes and got to walk by her side.